CPM Scheduling

A high-quality Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule is a critical component of any successful construction project. Simsona Corp., we take pride in our commitment to this core service. With experience ranging from small construction to industrial to high-rise construction, Simsona is very well positioned to create CPM schedules that exceed expectations and We also provide some of the very critical shop drawings submittal like Rebar Shop drawing, Structural Steel & Misc. Steel Shop Drawings to maintain the schedule and mitigate delays if any.

Simsona schedulers have constructed building as General contractor, developed design, pre-bid, coordination, baseline and integrated master schedules. Our experienced approach to scheduling combines generally accepted construction management principles with CPM scheduling expertise to result in highly accurate and sophisticated cost loaded schedules. We routinely produce Contractor’s and Subcontractor payment applications and ensure that the costs billed in the schedule matches our client’s financial systems, including change orders. Simsona is fully proficient with cost loaded schedules from the inception of the project through completion.

We understand that limited time and funds are variables that can hurt your construction projects. This is why our services were created from the ground up to address your biggest problems. From professional construction scheduling services to estimating and risk analysis, we will help you streamline your construction project for improved revenue. Simsona will provide you different options and choices for you to choose from.

Delay Claims

Our CPM scheduling experts also have extensive experience in construction claims analysis and issues involving delay, disruption, and project acceleration. Simsona team can therefore assist you in crafting a schedule that anticipates potential complications as well as in quantifying any damages related to scheduling adjustments.

Construction Schedule Updating

Simsona team of CPM scheduling experts provide a wide array of Schedule Analysis services and reports for Contractors, Owners and Construction Manager Agents.

Our reports include but are not limited to:

  • Schedule per Contract Specifications
  • we couple real-world experience with cutting-edge technology to achieve the best results for our client.
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Performance Assessments
  • Schedule Adherence to Industry Standards
  • Sequencing Concerns
  • Resource Allocation
  • Earned Value Assessments
  • Other Customized reports per your requirements

Cost Loading for CPM

To ensure that Contractors are billing Owners the correct amount each billing cycle, our team of Earned Value Management professionals verify that the amount billed is commensurate with the amount of progress earned. We provide detailed cost analysis at any level: activity, project, or program. Earned Value analysis also serves as a secondary indicator of overall progress at any given point in the project.

Simsona has complete team of estimator to compute the bill of quantities as needed to accurate cost load CPM.

Detect Risk issues before they become problems

The ability to identify and overcome issues can be the difference between success and failure on a construction project. Our risk management approach emphasizes identifying risks prior to project initiation. Simsona’s risk management professionals detect possible risks and the likelihood of those risks becoming reality.

During a project, we will identify and monitor risks to keep the schedule on track or determine the likelihood of an impact. We work closely with our clients to create mitigation plans before risks become impacts and resolve disputes before they arise.

If a project requires it, Simsona offers full dispute resolution services. Simsona’s experts in forensic CPM scheduling can provide expert analysis and advice to clients through the dispute resolution process.

Resource Loading (Man Hours / Crew Hours)

Simsona’s team provide resource loading by labor hours or Crew hours staffing levels. Resource loaded schedules can be a significant undertaking and require careful consideration of many facets of project execution. However, resource loading of hours, budget, staff or other key resources is an effective way to identify and eliminate many “surprises” during the planning stages, when they can be corrected with minimal impact.

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